Inuit Furs is proud to announce our collaboration with The Association for Greenlandic Children. By purchasing one of our bags you will automatically donate and sustain the associations’ cause. This years donations will specifically contribute to the kids summer camp 2019 in Kullorsuaq.

The Association for Greenlandic Children works to ensure that all Greenlandic children have a secure childhood and good future with good education and employment opportunities. The association works both in Greenland and Denmark and with children as well as young adults.

Most children in Greenland have a good life, but about one third grow up in a home where violence, alcohol, abuse and serious neglect is in a varying degree is part of their everyday life.

Trough different activities and projects the Association for Greenlandic Children aims to achieve better conditions for children and young adults in Greenland. Children will gain positive experiences together with other children. They will become part of the group and develop a sense of community and belonging, built friendships and meet adults that are giving positive attention to them and give them advice and counsel. For example, there might be a child that gets help to get to certain after school activities or a vulnerable young adult that gets counselling from a mentor to manage studies.

The association also collects funds to organize summer camps for children in Greenland together with the local communities. For example, in 2019 there will be a summer camp in the settlement of Kullorsuaq in North-West Greenland.

Volunteers from all over the world will come and teach kids Danish and English, organize sports events and other activities. The summer camp will last for one month and they expect 100 of children from the nearby communities to participate.

The association also works with families and helps parents so that they can give their children the attention and care they need and deserve.

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