what we believe in

our mission

telling a story by creating a luxury and stylish made in italy product that combines leather and sustainable greenlandic seal fur that causes no unnecessary harm to animals.

our vision

increase awareness of the beauty and sustainability of the greenlandic seal fur by creating unique fashion items. thereby helping the inuit community to supply their income once more from seal hunting.  

who we are

two german sisters, nature lovers, curious about everything, social responsible world travelers.

kaya weissang

inuit furs’s fashion stylist and designer, travelled several times in greenland getting to know the inuit culture and developing the need to support the local culture.  lived 10 years in milan where she studied and worked in the communication & marketing and earlier in the fashion industry, got inspiration by big luxury fashion brands during fashion weeks and sales campaigns increasing a need to give vent to her own creativity by growing her sister’s project idea and creating inuit furs as new fashion brand.

talea weissang

expert of greenlandic natural resources and social issues, lived for almost 7 years with her danish partner in greenland, working for the ministry of environment. since she was a child, she admired nature and it’s indigenous populations expanding her interest and will to develop a future project idea which would support a community directly. this is how inuit furs was first born.

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