what you should know

sealskins used in our products are from a sustainable inuit source and imported to eu from greenland according to regulations as guaranteed by control numbers. the control number can be used in order to trace the original eu import certificate at: www.euprovenance.eu

why we support

having lived and visited greenland means understanding the hard lifestyle the inuit community is exposed to. winters are long, food is not enough. the inuit community has an enormous respect of nature, using its inhabitants to survive as no vegetation can grow. seals are an animal species which is not in danger of extinction. the hunting is regulated by the government in order to respect the natural environment and the animal species.

the government of greenland, ministry of fisheries, hunting and agriculture confirms that sealskins of the below-mentioned species from greenland derived from a legally and sustainable harvest of adult seals. it is a traditional hunt conducted by the inuit communities for subsistence purposes.

  • ringsæl – ringed seal – phoca hispida
  • grønlandssæl – harp seal – phoca groenlandicus
  • klapmyds – hooded seal / blueback – cystophora cristala
  • remmesæl – bearded seal – erignathus barbatus

sealskins from the above mentioned species are not covered by any cites’s appendices and therefore they do not require any export permit issued from neither the greenlandic nor the danish authorities in concern to the international convention.

we will provide all our customers with a certificate following the commission regulation (eu) no 737/2010, laying down detailed rules for the implementation of regulation (ec) no 1007/2009 of the european parliament and the council on trade in seal products.

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